This test shoot in Gloucestershire with Matt Jones of Redbull and Marin Bikes has recently hit the Social Media Airwaves. Risk Of Skidding is a fun raw video and sound edit with matt showing his precision on a bike.

Will there be snow this year at the start and the end of the year? Here is a 3 minute edit of Lyme Regis from February as Storm Emma came through.

Sometimes when the sky goes pink you have to drop everything and get to a vantage point to capture the moment. 

When I was in Kenya this year shooting for a philanthropic holiday company I got a chance to film in the local schools. It didn't always make into the film but at times is what such a pleasure to get the access into these places to shoot such rich content with such welcoming and happy people.

I didn't shoot this film but it was a great project to be a part of. Hamblin Imagery approached my post production company to create lots of image content and graphics work for this film that celebrates the life of Jack O'neil. Being a surfer and in the sea when ever I can this film was a pleasure to work on.
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